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For as long as I've known of the famous Rubik's cube, I've loved trying to get each and every side perfectly. I was also really wondered on how the mini cubes don't fall off the cube when you're turning, which is still a puzzle I haven't solved yet. 🤷‍♀️ But I have solved the cube… Continue reading I CAN DO THE CUBE!!!

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The SIMPLEST way to make soap

For a long time, I've wanted to make soap without buying those kits and "melt and pour" stuff. I know this method isn't really making soap, but it's still fun. Ingredients: Soap (yep, regular bar soap)Scent (Herbs and oils do well)Color (optional, but fun)A baking spray (aka Canola oil, vegetable oil or similar releasing agent)… Continue reading The SIMPLEST way to make soap

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Strawberry Mousse

Mousse. A fancy, simple dessert. Somehow, I actually was able to make it without messing up. Despite that fancy French name, it's basically just a puree/ganache and whipped cream. I looked it up, and "mousse" in French actually means "foam". Anyway, a couple days ago, I tried Dominique Ansel's recipe for chocolate mousse. Miraculously, it… Continue reading Strawberry Mousse

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Here we go again…

Alright, so most of you saw my Meringue Mishaps post, right? Good, 'cause that story basically happened again yesterday. It started with a super-complicated super-exact recipe for kue semprit sagu, a tapioca cookie from Indonesia: Kue Semprit Sagu 100 grams tapioca starch50 millilitres sweet condensed milk70 grams softened butter Mix butter with sweet condensed milk.Once… Continue reading Here we go again…

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Prancing Pony BIRTHDAY!! It’s been two years!

It turn out yesterday was the Prancing Pony Club's birthday. That means I created this site 2 years ago, yesterday. I'm going to pretend that I wrote this yesterday: Two years. It's been two years since I created the Prancing Pony Club. I was 9 when I finally convinced Dad to let me have a… Continue reading Prancing Pony BIRTHDAY!! It’s been two years!

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Fudgey Brownies!

As you might know, I like watching the You Tuber, The Icing Artist. But I never had the chance to see if her recipes actually work. Mom was craving Brownies recently, so I found this was the perfect time to see if her recipes work. I knew she had a brownie recipe, but I wanted… Continue reading Fudgey Brownies!

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The Dreaded Cookie Stand (AND A CARROT CAKE RECIPE)

After the first cookie sale, (which, as you might remember, was when we sold out) we decided to hold another sale a week later. I didn't want to run out of meringues again, so I baked over 100 cookies. I was selling them in bags of 10 for a dollar, because they're small. Guess what?… Continue reading The Dreaded Cookie Stand (AND A CARROT CAKE RECIPE)

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Meringue Mishaps

It turns out you can never say you've mastered something. It's bad luck. No matter how many fails or how many successes, you can never be perfectly sure that you've mastered it. Once upon a time, I made creme brulee and had a lot of whites left over. I really wanted to make something with… Continue reading Meringue Mishaps

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Let’s try something new

I realize that even though this blog is called The Prancing Pony Club, it has nothing to do with horses. Scrolling through the list of posts, I found that only a few actually were about horses. I've blogged about places we've went, books I've read, contests I made up, funny videos and favorite songs. I've… Continue reading Let’s try something new

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The BEST cinnamon rolls EVER

I know I say the "best" a lot, but really, these are the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had. It takes a while to make, but theses were SO GOOD!! The middle is really fluffy, and.... it's just so delicious. For a first time making them, it was a success. Recipe: Quick Yeast… Continue reading The BEST cinnamon rolls EVER